Carved and Painted Artistic Wooden Angels

ArsAngel, Maria Smolak


ArsAngelica means Angel Art.
Wooden Angels - creating them became my passion, although I am a pianist.
Music, painting, sculpture - in my mind these three kinds of art complement each other and they need each other.

After every walk in the forest I bring back pieces of dead wood. Wandering along the streams I look for various little stones, gleaming in them the essence of future angels.
I love to create my wooden angels, actually I even impersonate them.
I look through my old angel photos, how many were there?...

I paint their faces, eyes, simply giving them expression.
We become friends and I believe in their positive energy.

I am so proud to be presented with my angels now in Budapest and in Kiev gallery on Andriivs'kyi Descent, the quarter called "Kiev Monmartre".