Carved and Painted Artistic Wooden Angels

ArsAngel, Maria Smolak


"There is nothing loftier than angels'gliding." /L.Orzech/

"Angels by Maria Smolak" - January 2006, Zacisze Gallery in Warsaw

"Angel's Time" - June 2006, Stryszow Court

"Angels by Maria Smolak" - December 2006, Ząbki near Warsaw

"Let's Remember Angels" - October 2007, Polish Center of Culture in Budapest-

"Angels in the little Town" - December 2007, Lanckorona

"Once an Angel sat down in Rabka" - February 2008, Rabka

Now my paintings are being exhibited at the "Touch of Art" Gallery on the internet.

"Vincent Trio":
Lucjan Orzech - violin
Maria Smolak - piano
Monika Langman - cello